Roda with dozens of brands and thousands of Electromechanical products available at your fingertips. Contactor, relay, switch, fan, solenoid, motor, joystick, and more at Roda at affordable prices. Moreover, with free international shipping opportunity.

What types of electromechanical products are available?

Button: Emergency buttons that provide product variety for all application areas are at Roda.

Contactor: A contactor is an electromechanical appliance that closes or opens an electrical circuit with the closing of another circuit.

Fans: High-pressure high capacity industrial ventilation fans are available here.

Industrial Joystick: Industrial joysticks are control devices that allow machines of all sizes to be operated precisely.

Motors & Motor Control: Various types of motors such as DC motor, servo motor, drone motor are available on our site.

Relay: Relay is an electromagnetic device that works when current flows through it. As Roda, we offer SPST High Voltage, SPDT High Voltage, DPDT High Voltage Relay, and Latching Bi-Stable relays for all your needs.

Selenoid: Selenoids, in other words, valves are structures created by using a coil to generate or use a magnetic field. They control the passage of fluids such as gas, air, water, steam, and oil.

Switch: A switch is a circuit element that cuts the current in electrical circuits or allows the current to change direction from one conductor to another.

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