What is Cable Drum-Reels ?

Cable Reels or Drums can work with multi-core and cable products of different diameters. The cable reel and its technological equipment are designed so that the cable may transport cables of any length and weight. Spring actuated cable reels have automatic spring rewind features up to 60 meters. In our motor driven drums of 60 meters and above, they can wind with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic (air) motors. Our cable reel series provide uninterrupted functions indoors and outdoors with their robust body structure and special bearing system. They can be mounted on mobile vehicles and on any floor, giving users flexible working areas. Springs are used in special collecting cable drums for cranes and platforms. We have cable drums to be dimensioned in accordance with fixedand mobile vehicle models and fabrication values.

    • They have cable winding and carrying capacity in different lengths and cores.
    • They provide business continuity in indoor and outdoor use.
    • Direct connection to electrical installations.
    • Supplied with cable chock.
    • They have high quality rewind springs.
    • Stainless steel 303-304-316 SAC, galvanized, painted DKP SAC options.
    • Mounting options for ceiling, floor, mobile work areas.
    • Roller hub with ball bearing
  • Lockable option.
  • Maintenance and service opportunities are offered with Roda assurance

Where Are Cable Winding Reels Used?

Cable reels can offer solutions to a wide variety of industrial applications. Cranes and mobile cranes are among them. With several different mounting options, the efficiency of the workplace and production is maximized. Our cable reels can be produced in any size and suitable for any cable. We have projecting and production options within the scope of special uses and needs.

  • Carrier systems.
  • On-board equipment.
  • portal cranes.
  • Production and conveyor belts.
  • Sliding doors and garage doors.
  • mobile light towers.
  • robotic arms
  • Telescopic and on-vehicle platforms.






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