Automatic Rotating Arm Strecth Wrapping Machine

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Automatic Rotating Arm Strecth Wrapping Machine

Sum Teknik‘s Automatic Rotating Arm Strecth Wrapping Machine provides best solutions for your system. Since the rotary movement is the best option for wrapping the products, this machine ensures this operation safely. This is especially important because unstable pieces should be fixed. With wrapping products with stretch film, it is clearly possible to fix them. The requirement of keeping the pallet still and stabilizing products with a rotating arm is generally a necessity for most industries. Therefore, end-line packaging is the most important part of the process line. Undoubtedly, with the fully automatic pallet wrapping machine, products can be wrapped and fixed more efficiently. This machine also operates at higher speed which eliminates all the time consuming processes. There is also manual option on this machine which allows interfering in case of any faulty condition.

Product Features

  • Turning arm stretch wrapping machine
  • Higher speed
  • Crosswise wrapping
  • Able to work on manual mode
  • Automatic pallet height detection by photocell 2200 mm. (Ask for
    higher products)
  • LG / LS PLC, SMC Pneumatic equipments
  • Touch screen HMI in 6 different languages (Turkish, English, German,
    French, Spanish, Arabic)
  • Single leg construction or four leg construction
  • Pre-stretch adjustable from 50% up to 300%
  • Multi-program preferences
  • Adjustable top and up wrapping tour number
  • CE certification
  • Made in Turkey

* Requested air pressure: 5-6 bar

CE certification Made in Turkey

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