Gigavac G8-SF HV Relay – SPDT

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Gigavac G8-SF SPDT HV Relay is ideal for high voltage switching systems, high voltage power supplies, relay protection systems, high voltage testing systems, industrial control applications, and many other applications. The SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) structure of the relay allows it to switch between three different connection points.

The design of the relay is optimized to provide long-lasting and reliable performance. In addition, the sealing properties of the relay minimize leakage current and prevent faults caused by high voltages due to its excellent insulation properties.

Gigavac G8-SF SPDT HV Relay is a reliable, durable, and high-performance solution for high voltage switching applications.

Max Contact Voltage 15kV
Continuous current 30A – dc or 60Hz
 Power Terminal Connections S = Solder Pot
Mounting F = Flange
Coil Voltage 26.5 Vdc
Mechanical Life 1,000,000 cyles
Maximum Operating temperature +125°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -55°C


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