CIR-PF-45 cm Circle Rotating Signboard

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The circle rotary signboard is used on applications of advertisement, guideboards, production of signboard, areas of industry, decoration, interior architecture, decorative products, direction plaques, fairs, exhibits and shopping malls.


Front surface Dual embossmnet white plexy
Sidewall Metal black bakery coloured wall
Light system First quality led lightining
Power Source IP68 Outer space power source



KSV - CIR-PF-45 Circle Rotary Signboard

Measurements (mm) 660x580x140
Power 55 W
Weight 8 kg
A(mm) – Areas of Printing 410
B(mm) – Plexy measurement 450
C(mm) – Height of Flange 300
D(mm) – Width of Flange 100
E(mm) – Width of Foot 210
F(mm) – Total width 660
G(mm) – Height of Product 580
H(mm) – Width of Body 140


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